Thursday, August 27, 2009

Madly In Love

After I saw the Modern Love palette on the Nars website and dreamed and wished for it for days, I knew I had to get it. In my opinion, it's possibly the most perfect eyeshadow palette ever created. Already, I'm putting it to much more use than the Holiday palette and it's fast becoming the palette I reach out for the most. It basically has everything you would ever want in an eyeshadow palette. It has two highlight colors, Alhambra and Tokyo. A burgandy (Jezebel), a smokey purple (Habanera), a neutral golden brown (India Song), and a black (Pandora).

You could create a day look with either of the highlight colors with either Jezebel, Habanera or India Song. Intensify and smoke out the look with Pandora before going out. Or use Tokyo and Pandora to create a classic smokey eye. For the versatility and usablity (is there such a word?) alone, this palette is well worth the $55. You can purchase now on the Nars website or through Go get it now. Trust me. I can't say enough about this palette. I love it.

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