Sunday, February 22, 2009

2009 Oscars

I'm not much of an award show person and I don't watch enough movies throughout the year to get much out of watching the Oscars however, I love flipping through pictures of the evening gowns. Everyone looked so glamorous and beautiful but I decided to do list of my favorites and my not so favorites for fun.

Oscar Winners:
1) Angelina Jolie: She looked stunning. As always, she picks these classic gowns and is able to make it look incredible. But I was amazed by how those emerald earrings looked on her. She looked amazing.

2) Kate Winslet: She's such a beautiful person and so talented. She looked wonderful in an off the shoulder number. Her hair, her earrings, her gown... everything was perfect. I hope she finally gets an oscar.

3) Anne Hathaway: Most of the time, I kinda find her annoying but she looked beautiful tonight.

4) Penelope Cruz: It looks like a wedding gown but she just looked so well put together.

5) Alicia Keys: I just loved the dress... Pink but classy.

Oscar Letdowns:
1) Heidi Klum: What was she thinking? It was an asymmetric pink mess.

2) Mylie Cyrus: It makes me so sad when young actresses try to dress older. That dress would have been suitable for someone in their thirties but for a teen, it just makes her look like she is playing dressup. Much prefer that Vanessa Hutchins dress, young and flirty and definately age appropriate.

Which ones did you like and dislike?

Friday, February 20, 2009


Nars Blush in Crazed

Nars Crazed is crazy. I know that Nars blush in general is highly pigmented. With my Dolce Vita blush, I have to lightly tap with my brush and then tap it on to my cheeks to avoid looking like someone from the Red Light district. But Crazed is crazy potent. I used the same method because I heard that it is super pigmented but when I placed it on my cheeks, I still looked like a clown. I think I'll have to get a stipling brush or a less dense blush brush for this. I love the color. It's so vibrant. I did a swatch and this is the pigmentation from literally one swipe. Amazing...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Comparable Shadows to Too Faced

Left: TF Fawn, UD Sin, TF Bronze, UD Smog
Right: TF Silver and Black Spark, NYX Platinum Silver and Black

So I was so peeved by my Too Faced Smokey Eye palette. These shadows are so unorginal and the quality was so unimpressive. For example, I just looked into one of my Urban Decay palettes and I was able to find colors that are much better in quality that can be used to create the same look.

Day Smoke
So it's not an exact dupe but it's pretty close. For the swatch, I did one swipe of the Urban decay shadows and it showed up pretty well. The Sin didn't really come out on the camera but in person, one swipe gives you a lot of color. For the Too Faced, I really had to dig into it and as you can see, Fawn barely comes out at all.

Classic Smoke
You can probably create the same look with UD oil slick and polyester bride. Or with NYX platinum silver and black. Either way, with the classic smoke, any plain silver shadow and matte black will do because that's all it is really.

Too Faced Smoky Eye Palette

I'm such a sucker for packaging so when I saw this palette, I just had to have it. I figured you can never have too many smokey eye palettes. Plus, it got pretty good ratings on Sephora. It sells for $32 at Sephora and includes 3 smokey eye looks (Day Smoke, Fashion Smoke, and Classic Smoke), 2 double ended shadow mini brushes with a sponge tip on one end and an angled brush on the other end, and three tutorial cards on how to create each look.

The packaging is beautiful. I can't say enough about it. It's just too cute. In terms of the shadows, I'm so disappointed. This is actually my first Too Faced eyeshadow product and I'm hoping it's not representative of their line. The pigmentation is not great, or at least not what you would expect for the price. I honestly have NYX shadows that are nicer.

In terms of the looks, the Fashion smoke is pretty unique but I tried it and I personally don't think it works for me. But I can imagine that it would look great on others. The Day Smoke and the Classic smoke are not very unique at all. Honestly, if you have any black and silver shadow, you can recreate the Classic smoke very easily. The Day Smoke pigmentation is probably the worst of the bunch. I can barely see it on my lid (even with eyeshadow primer).

So overall, if you like palettes with nice packaging, it fits the bill. But for me, it's just not worth it. I actually ordered the New Romantic Unicorn palette from Too Faced before I had a chance to try this one and I'm hoping it's going to be better. If it's bad, I think I'm going to get turned off by Too Faced despite all their cute packaging.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What I'm Using Right Now Tag

I got tagged by Lilyangel for what i'm using right now. Thanks Lilyangel. I've been really enjoying reading the lists and getting too many ideas about things that I want to try.

Shampoo: John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Volumizing shampoo
smells yummy and leaves a nice shine to your hair

Conditioner: John Frieda Brilliant Brunette conditioner

Styling Product: Too lazy to do that on regular basis, I use the John Frieda shine shock sometimes but generally I just brush my hair and leave it as is

Shower Gel:
Philosophy Amazing Grace

Body Moisterizer: Avon Moisture Therapy Intensive Cream

Deodorant: Secret in spanish rose

Fake Tan: I don't

Cleanser: Jan Marini Bioglycolic Facial Cleanser

Eye Makeup Remover: Arcona White Tea eye makeup remover

Exfoliator: Avon Microdermabrasion

Primer: none

Foundation: Everyday Minerals in Golden Medium Intensive Formula

Foundation Brush: Everyday Minerals Flat Top Brush

Concealer: Benefit Erase Paste but I much prefer Benefit Boing

Powder: Everyday Minerals Tinted Silk

Blush: My favorite at the moment is Nars Dolce Vita or Oasis

Bronzer: Everyday Minerals Sandy Olive Foundation... This is as bronzy as I get. don't like bronzers very much in general

Highlighter: my skin is naturally oily so I stay away from highlighters. If it use one, it would be either Benefit high beam or Nars albatross

Eyeshadow: NYX champagne, nutmeg and gypsy

Eyeliner: Revlon colorstay

Eyeshadow Base: Two Faced Shadow Insurance

Eyelash Curler: Shu Uemura

Eyelash Base: don't use one

Mascara: currently using Rimmel Glam Eyes but prefer Covergirl lashblast

Lipstick: Nars Dolce Vita is my all time favorite

Lipgloss: Benefit her glossiness in Talk to my agent at the moment

Nail Polish: Lippmann collection in I dreamed you

I guess I tag anyone who wants to share their current faves.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Dolce Vita "Dupe"

Dolce Vita is my all time favorite color ever. I started out with the lipstick and found that it best complements my skintone and enhances the natural color of my lips. It's described as a "dusty rose." I used it so much that I'm actually on my second tube of the lipstick now. When I found out that there was a blush of the same color, I had to go out and get it. It's been one of my go-to blushes this winter and in my opinion gives the nicest "just stepped in from the cold" flush ever. When I saw the dolce vita kit, I just had to get it mainly for the gloss. I love love love Dolce Vita. If they ever discontinue it, I would be so very sad.

I came across this "Dolce Vita dupe" quite by accident when I was sent this L'oreal lipgloss in Rich Rose instead of a Nars duo eyeshadow by After the intial shock and disappointment, I realized that the color they sent me resembled Nars Dolce Vita. (BTW, no harm was done... I emailed the company and they sent out the eyeshadow shortly thereafter and allowed me to keep the lipgloss for free).

It's not a perfect dupe but as you can see from the swatches it's pretty close. The L'oreal one is a little deeper in shade on the swatch but honestly, on my lips it looks pretty similar. The quality of the L'oreal gloss is pretty good. It goes on smoothly. It's nonsticky and moisterizing. The only difference is that the Nars gloss is a little more longer lasting but whatever... it's gloss and in general, it doesn't last very long either way. But for under $10, it's a pretty good buy if you are in the market for a Dolce Vita dupe.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tarte Pret a Porter Palette

I bought this palette a while ago and forgot about it. But with the long weekend and a little more time on my hands, I pulled it out and am loving it.

It comes in a portable, folding wallet with crocodile embossed purple covering. I've always been a sucker for packaging and Tarte just keeps drawing me in because of all their cute sleek packaging.

When you first open up the palette, you have a side pocket with a mascara, two brushes (one of them looks like a liner brush and the other is supposed to be a shadow brush but looks more like a foundation brush), one brightener eyeliner. I haven't really used anything in the compartment yet. The brushes are tough, plasticky material and will probably never get used. I haven't had a chance to try the mascara yet but in terms of travel, is convenient to have. I don't know how good it is though.

The rest of the palette opens up like a book and contains two "looks." A more neutral "New York" palette and a deeper "Paris" look. Or a daytime/nighttime look. Each side contains three eyeshadows, two lip colors, and one cream blush.

The New York Look
I'm in love with the shadows on the New York palette. Looking at the shadows itself, it doesn't look too impressive but when you apply, it's lovely. There's a nice champagne colored highlighter for your browbone. The midtone color looks greenish on the pan but comes off as an irridedecent khaki color on the lid. The crease color is a multi-tonal denim color. Altogether, the shadows create a perfect daytime, neutral smokey eye. I love it.

The cream blush is pretty nice as well. Easily to blend and gives a nice flush.

The lip colors are ok. There is a nude color and a berry color. It's a bit drying and taste like chalk but in terms of the color looks very nice.

The Paris Look
The Paris Shadows give a deeper smokey eye look. They are purplish in the pan but when applied gives a more traditional smokey eye look.

The cream blush and lip colors are a little deeper in shade, sort of deep berry to red and are alright.

The strength of the palette is really in the shadows. They are just wonderful, perfectly grouped shadows that provide the perfect daytime and nighttime smokey eye. The palette is just so convenient, really has everything that you need besides a foundation for a put together look.

The palette sells for $44 but it's totally worth the money for the ease and convenience. I love it. I have a trip coming up in a couple of months and this will definately be in my makeup bag.

Keepin' it simple - My Everyday Makeup Routine

Because I'm a lazy bum and hit the snooze button a kazillion times before I can drag myself out of bed, I have to have a simple makeup routine. 10 minutes tops if I'm able to make it out of the house on time. This is just a picture of items I've been using daily over the past month or so.

1) Arcona rezone sunscreen depotted into an old amazing cosmetics container

2) Benefit Erase Paste
Hate the packaging but I guess it works ok for a concealer
I like boing concealer much more though and will probably never repurchase erase paste again

3) Everyday Minerals Foundation
I use Golden Medium as my base foundation and Sandy Olive to give it more of a pop of color. I don't like bronzers in general and Sandy Olive is as bronzy as I get

4) Everyday Minerals Tinted Silk
They don't make this one anymore... so sad
It's the equivalent of Bare Minerals mineral veil. It evens things out a little, supposed to have "antibacterial" properties (dunno how true this claim is), and it soaks up the oils from my skin and helps to prevent shine

5) Rimmel Mono blush
I've been alternating between my rimmel mono blush at the moment. I like the look of it but over the past month or so, I've been noticing that the staying power isn't all that great. When I use my nars blushes, I never have to touch up and at the end of the day, I can still see a nice flush. By the end of my day, my Rimmel is pretty faded. but it gives a nice glow when you initially put it on.

6) Rimmel Glam Eyes Mascara
It's ok... It does volumize the lengthen alright.

7) Benefit Her Glossiness Lipgloss in Talk to My Agent
Still lovin' it

8) Everyday Mineral Kabuki Brush
one of the softest brushes I've ever used. It works great for mineral foundation

9) Sonia Kashuk Travel Blush Brush
One of my favorite blush brushes and so cheap

10) Everyday Minerals Sifter Jar
Essential for use of everyday minerals if you are interested in not making a mess
I'll do a post someday on my approach to minimizing the mess with everyday minerals.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Rimmel London Mono Blushes

Just discovered these cute little blushes from Rimmel. They come in small flip top containers and cost only $3 at Ulta. It gives a nice glow and for only $3 definately does the job. I have two. The one on the left is Santa Rose which is a nice peachy color. The one on the right is Pink Rose which is vibrant pink. This would be so great for travel. It's easy to use, fits into any makeup travel bag and the best part is that it's so cheap that if you lose it or break it during your travel, you wouldn't be too pissed off.

Her Glossiness - Talk to my Agent

I'm in love with this lip gloss. It's a Her Glossiness lip gloss from Benefit. Also from the Spring 2008 collection. It gives a nice coat, feels soft and nonsticky on my lips. And even though like all glosses, the color doesn't last for long, I can feel it on my lips for a lot longer. It's described as a "sugar plum shimmer" on the web site but comes on as a hint of shimmer on your lips. The only problem I have with it is the smell. I can't describe it... It's some kinda sweet smell which takes some getting use to. I don't mind it so much now but it was really unappealing when I first start using it. Usually retails for $18 but right now, Benefit has it on sale for only $9. What a deal!