Sunday, October 26, 2008

current treatments for acne

My current skin care products specific for acne control. My skin tends to be pretty sensitive to things like benzoyl peroxide which I find extremely irritating. I tried the proactive route before, and although I loved the glycolic acid toner, the bp treatments made my skin red and irritated. I am on a couple of prescription medicaion, the differin gel and clindagel. However, I've found that if I get lazy with exfoliation, it can get pretty bad. I usually look for glycolic acid based cleansers and toners which help to get rid of some of the hyperpigmentation and keep some of the acne at bay.

Currently, I'm using a salicylic acid based cleanser in the morning with a buf puf for extra exfoliation. In the evenings, I use the DDF 10% glycolic acid toner to help remove residual makeup after I cleanse. I recently tried the avon microderm abrasion system which I find really helped with my skin. I'll try to do a separate review on this because I haven't seen too many reviews on this product in the past. In the two week "rest" period, I've definately noticed by skin is not looking it's very best.

Let me know if you've tried any treatments that have worked well for you.

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llyangel said...

I suffer from acne and have for years, I think this is where my make up obsession stems from as it covers flaws up (to an extent) and made me feel more confident. I also thought emphasising other features would take the attention away from my spots, I have tried lots of things but most recently a beauty lamp that uses red and blue light therapy to kill bacteria and aid healing and I honestly feel this is helping my skin its probably the best its looked in a long time plus it doesn't leave me with any dry skin as a side effect which is perfect for me x