Sunday, January 25, 2009

ANEW clinical

advanced dermabrasion system

Avon's ANEW clinical is one of the best exfoliator I've used. It is kinda gimicky. Probably not anything close to dermabrasion but overall, it's a good exfoiliator. It retails for $28 on

It's a dial up system with 4 levels which is ramped up every two weeks to a more intense exfoliator. The base is white cream with fine particles in the white part of the system. You use it for two weeks, then turn the dial. Each level incorporates more of the larger particles from the grey side for a more intense exfoliation. After 8 weeks, you let your skin rest for two weeks and then start back at level 1.

Overall, it's not miraculous but does the job. It's a good scrub and overall, I find that my skin is smoother and the quality is better with this product. It also helps with reducing pigmentation a little faster. But I think that you can probably get the same results with any other good scub. I love the smell. It's light and pleasent smelling. To tell you the truth, I would just be happy with using the level one white creamy exfoliator. I don't really like more grainer scrubs and could probably be happy without dialing up . (Which I guess defeats the entire purpose of the product. ) Like I said... it's a little gimicky.

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