Saturday, May 16, 2009

Search for the Perfect Nude

It's taken forever but I think I've found some Nude lip products that don't make me look like death.

My favorite nude lipstick of all time is Maybelline moisture extreme lipstick in Nude Blush which is a nontraditional pinky nude. It gives the perfect "your lips but better" look. It has a pinky undertone which is universally flattering with a hint of shine. It feels great on the lips, goes on smooth and keeps your lips hydrated. It has a melony scent. Best of all, the price doesn't break the bank. (Top Left)

My recent nude lip finds are from NYX. I recently purchased the tinted lip spa in Spirit and Copacabana. First off, I love NYX tinted lip spas. They really are lip balms with the pigmentation of a lipstick. They are extremely moisturizing. The staying power is decent. It's also got the minty tingle of your typical lip balm or chapstick which I love. The Copacabana is a more traditional nude while Spirit is a pinky nude. They are a little pricey for NYX but if you purchase them on sale, they can be quite cheap. I got mine during the NYX anniversary sale for 50% off and ended up paying only $2.50 each which is phenomenal bang for your buck. (Top Right, Spirit is on the left, Copacobana is on the right)

High end wise, I'm honestly too scared to experiment with... It's so hard for me to find a nude lipstick that I like that I find myself very reluctant to experiment with high end products. I do have the Nars 9941 palette and love Honolulu Honey which is a nice matte peachy nude. I think I'm going to invest in the full sized tube. I'm also dying to try Belle du Jour because of the rave reviews. (Bottom left)

My last product is something of a work in progress. The infamous Revlon matte lipstick in Nude Attitude. It's loved by almost every makeup guru on Youtube so I had to try it out. I really wanted to love it but it made me look like death and I still haven't figured how to make this work for me. It's a true, matte, "concealer on your lips", "erased lip" nude. I tried a lighter application which does help a little but I think I'll have to play around with it a little more. I've also heard that applying a nude gloss on top is helpful in making the lipstick work. Honestly, if I have to do that, it's too much work. I don't see myself spending the extra time and money to buy another product to make it work when I can just reach for my Maybelline nude blush and be done with it.
(Bottom right)

On the horizon, Airy Fairy by Rimmel London. I'm just discovering Rimmel London as a makeup line and I'm loving the products that I've used so far. I've heard that Airy Fairy is supposed to be a very good nude and am eyeing it for my next nude lip purchase. After all, you can never have too many good nude lipstick.


Ondine said...

Which is which in the photos above? I always admire the nude lipstick look on other people but struggle to find one that suits me. But - I might give that Maybelline one a go, especially at that price it's not too much of a gamble.

cruiseny said...

The maybelline is left upper, the two nyx is right upper, nars palette left lower and revlon is right lower. Sorry, I'm still trying to figure out how to arrange photos. Give it a try. It's great.