Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lash Splurge

Even though I'm a bargain shopper, sometimes it's fun to splurge. If you ladies are on youtube, lollipop26 is someone you need to check out. She's from London and she's got one of the most incredible lashes ever. They just go on for miles and miles... basically they look like she's wearing falsies.

Anyways, comparatively, mine are puny. They are short and stubby and I really depending on curling on a daily basis and building up the mascara to give it the volume and the length that I want. I was looking up some of the lashing enhancing/growth products out there, trying to find the right one for me that would not clean out my bank account....

Talika Liposomes
There is such an industry now. A word of warning though. Many of the lash growth products out there have as their active ingredient prostaglandins which is a medication used in glaucoma eye drops that were found to also have the added side effect of lengthening lashes. They can cause discoloration of your iris as well. Because of this, the FDA has banned some, asked the companies to reformulate some of them to cut out the prostaglandins.

I found Talika liposomes at Sephora. It's kinda pricy, cost about $40 for a tube. But that's cheap in comparison to other lash growth products that easily cost $100-150. The other advantage about the Talika is that it is prostaglandin free. In general, I tend to be very paranoid about anything I put near my eye and prospect of using a glaucoma medication to grow out my lashes scares me a little. It last for about 2-3 months for the tube, I've had mine for a little more than 2 months and it's starting to dry out now. I guess just in time for the 2-3 months shelf life for mascaras in general. You're supposed to use it twice a day for 28 days and then afterwards use it once daily for maintenance.

Results? I think overall, it works pretty well and I've already bought my next tube. It probably doesn't work as well as the lash growth products though because I think it's more of a conditioner than a growth product. But even so, I've noticed over the first couple of weeks of using it, my lashes had more volume and appeared to be longer. I know I didn't grow new lashes in that time so it must have conditioned what I had to make it appear longer.... Dunno how it works but it works. I've stopped curling my lashes and I've noticed with mascara, I finally have the length and volume that I want from my lashes


So I've tried to wear false eyelashes and besides not be coordinated enough to be able to put them on, I find them so uncomfortable to wear. I think I have two left thumbs... I just can't do it. Fiberwig is one of those Japanese mascaras that help give the appearance of false lashes. It adds on "fibers" to the end of your natural lashes to help lengthen them. And it works wonders. The fibers wash off in warm water very easily. It cost about the same as other higher end mascaras, I think $20-ish dollars on Sephora. The only problem I have with this mascara is that it doesn't do much for volume. So, I find that I often have to do apply a second volumizing masacara as well in addition to this. I think it probaby doesn't compare to false eyelashes but this is as close as I will ever get to false lashes.

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