Saturday, February 7, 2009

Her Glossiness - Talk to my Agent

I'm in love with this lip gloss. It's a Her Glossiness lip gloss from Benefit. Also from the Spring 2008 collection. It gives a nice coat, feels soft and nonsticky on my lips. And even though like all glosses, the color doesn't last for long, I can feel it on my lips for a lot longer. It's described as a "sugar plum shimmer" on the web site but comes on as a hint of shimmer on your lips. The only problem I have with it is the smell. I can't describe it... It's some kinda sweet smell which takes some getting use to. I don't mind it so much now but it was really unappealing when I first start using it. Usually retails for $18 but right now, Benefit has it on sale for only $9. What a deal!

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llyangel said...

I agree about the smell too, I hated it at first but put up with it because I do like this gloss itself, its bearable now - just !!