Sunday, February 22, 2009

2009 Oscars

I'm not much of an award show person and I don't watch enough movies throughout the year to get much out of watching the Oscars however, I love flipping through pictures of the evening gowns. Everyone looked so glamorous and beautiful but I decided to do list of my favorites and my not so favorites for fun.

Oscar Winners:
1) Angelina Jolie: She looked stunning. As always, she picks these classic gowns and is able to make it look incredible. But I was amazed by how those emerald earrings looked on her. She looked amazing.

2) Kate Winslet: She's such a beautiful person and so talented. She looked wonderful in an off the shoulder number. Her hair, her earrings, her gown... everything was perfect. I hope she finally gets an oscar.

3) Anne Hathaway: Most of the time, I kinda find her annoying but she looked beautiful tonight.

4) Penelope Cruz: It looks like a wedding gown but she just looked so well put together.

5) Alicia Keys: I just loved the dress... Pink but classy.

Oscar Letdowns:
1) Heidi Klum: What was she thinking? It was an asymmetric pink mess.

2) Mylie Cyrus: It makes me so sad when young actresses try to dress older. That dress would have been suitable for someone in their thirties but for a teen, it just makes her look like she is playing dressup. Much prefer that Vanessa Hutchins dress, young and flirty and definately age appropriate.

Which ones did you like and dislike?

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Ondine said...

Heidi Klum quite often picks the wrong (in my opinion) dress...but hey - what do I know! Kate W just gets more beautiful by the day I think.