Monday, February 16, 2009

Dolce Vita "Dupe"

Dolce Vita is my all time favorite color ever. I started out with the lipstick and found that it best complements my skintone and enhances the natural color of my lips. It's described as a "dusty rose." I used it so much that I'm actually on my second tube of the lipstick now. When I found out that there was a blush of the same color, I had to go out and get it. It's been one of my go-to blushes this winter and in my opinion gives the nicest "just stepped in from the cold" flush ever. When I saw the dolce vita kit, I just had to get it mainly for the gloss. I love love love Dolce Vita. If they ever discontinue it, I would be so very sad.

I came across this "Dolce Vita dupe" quite by accident when I was sent this L'oreal lipgloss in Rich Rose instead of a Nars duo eyeshadow by After the intial shock and disappointment, I realized that the color they sent me resembled Nars Dolce Vita. (BTW, no harm was done... I emailed the company and they sent out the eyeshadow shortly thereafter and allowed me to keep the lipgloss for free).

It's not a perfect dupe but as you can see from the swatches it's pretty close. The L'oreal one is a little deeper in shade on the swatch but honestly, on my lips it looks pretty similar. The quality of the L'oreal gloss is pretty good. It goes on smoothly. It's nonsticky and moisterizing. The only difference is that the Nars gloss is a little more longer lasting but whatever... it's gloss and in general, it doesn't last very long either way. But for under $10, it's a pretty good buy if you are in the market for a Dolce Vita dupe.

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Ondine said...

This looks very similar colour to my Lip Fusion gloss which I love but I'm not sure whether I can get in the UK - I will go take a look at this L'Oreal one!